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 From a Building Owners Perspective

This is the day to day management of the property maximising the return on a clients property investment:

  • Keeping the investment fully leased
  • Maintaining & monitoring current market rental
  • Attending on Leasee queries
  • Timely payment of rental & outgoings
  • Management of operating costs
  • Undertaking the rental review process
  • Regular property inspection process to ensure both tenant & landlord maintenance is being undertaken
  • Managing both the outgoing & incomming tenant documentation, financial wash-up & Bond responsibilities
  • Day to day management acting as the Owners representative in all dealings with tenants
  • Management of the tenant’s lease responsibilities
  • Monitoring all financial and service aspects of each property and each portfolio by a comprehensive computerised management system
  • Audit of existing maintenance contracts to ensure performance and market competitiveness
  • Maintaining a computerised diary system on lease expiries, rental reviews insurance and maintenance contract renewals
  • Marketing of vacant tenancies